This was a project we restored for a client in Maryland.  She had looked for quite some time for a 1955-57 Shasta, purchased this one on Ebay in Idaho, and had it shipped directly to us in Colorado.  It was complete, but the interior walls looked to be covered in wallpaper.

The teardown begins...  Wow, we soon discovered the wallpaper was actually some sort of fabric covered paneling that had been overlaid over the entire interior of the trailer.  I have to admit they did a nice job, but somebody did a lot of work to not really repair anything... the structural damage of the rotted wood remained.  As we pulled the aluminum skin, the trailer simply started falling apart.  Even the floor decking was completely rotted, by the time we got rid of all the rotted wood all we had left was the steel chassis.  We soon had all new floor framing and decking, including new wheel tubs.

Here is a good example when we work with a client long distance on the design.  We work closely via email, photos and phone calls to come up with a design.  In this case we decided on a yellow and white checkerboard floor, 1956 Chevy Nassua Blue and white paint, NOS blue boomerang Formica laminate and matching shades of blue and white vinyl upholstery to end up with a pleasing combination.  


After updated wiring, new polyiso insulation the new skin was installed.  All the windows were restored with polish, new gaskets and seals and reinstalled.  All new moldings were installed, as well as all new period correct tail and marker lights.  A new wooden screen  door is built, and all new logos and badging finishes it all off.

Options include new AC and new wide white wall tires (and yes, they are new trailer rated radials!).

Now completed, it is essentially a brand new 1956 Shasta (actually a little better than new).  It's ready for another 50+ years of happy camping.  We loaded it up on a truck and shipped it cross country to it's happy new owner.