Another DeVille... one of our favorite brands of trailers.  The owners of this one wanted to design a custom interior that still retained much of the cool DeVille cabinetry.  

It was a pretty rough trailer, so by the end of day one we had it down to a flatbed.

We took the old walls as patterns and soon had new walls built with new birch plywood that were finished in amber shellac.


After repairing the chassis a new floor structure was built, new underlayment and hardwood laminate flooring was laid down.


Soon we had a brand new cabin.


After new wiring and insulation the body was wrapped in new polished aluminum.


A new galley was built to accommodate the new stainless stove, sink and stove.  The closet hold the new AC and we built a broom closet in place of the old defective furnace.

The finished product.  The owners were happy with being able to design the trailer to suite their tastes.  It's one advantage to a full restoration... within limits you can have a custom built camper.  Try that at a new camper dealership!