1958 Shasta Airflyte

Shipped to us from North Carolina is this exceptionally nice 1963 Shasta Airflyte... At least it was until it was involved in an unfortunate car accident.  With the rest of the trailer in such good condition it is well worth  restoring.

This Shasta was built in the Goshin, IN plant.  Interesting trivia, eastern built Shastas have birch interiors with an amber colored stain, west coast typically have ash interiors with the blond finish.  Under the skin the construction varies depending on which factory they were built in.

Day 1, May 12 (actually the first day of working in the new shop!)  We start by pulling all the windows, doors, and trim, then the old skin comes off.  Once all the old insulation is removed we can inspect the body for water damage.  In the twenty or so Shasta trailers I’ve restored this one is absolutely the most solid one I’ve ever taken apart, very little water damage.  It had the typical damage under the front side windows, which has to be replaced due to the accident anyway, and some minor damage around the roof vent.  By the end of the day we are ready to start rebuilding.

We replaced all the damaged wood and refinished what was left..  We re-wired the trailer, installed one of our custom AC units and Retro Frigidaire  refrigerators and of course added all new insulation. At this point it was ready for the new skin and paint.

Three and a half weeks later it is ready for another 50 years of camping!  Originally an all white Shasta this time the owners picked out  white and Tropical Turquoise for the colors.