1970 Shasta Compact

The owners of this little Shasta Compact noticed it had developed a couple of leaks and wisely brought it to us for repairs before the water ruined the interior paneling.  With very little extra expense we decided it was also time for a Shasta Makeover!

The water leaks had already began to damage the wood framing and the insulation was starting to mold.  Fortunately, with the skin off we were able to properly repair the wood framing without disturbing the interior paneling as shown in the example to the left.  At the right, new insulation and a couple of wiring upgrades it is ready for new skin.

What a difference a little paint and polish can do!  New white with our standard tropical turquoise really changed the look of this little Shasta.  We replaced the dull gold anodized trim panels with some new polished diamond quilted aluminum.  Now it really has some style!

As part of the makeover we did replace the boring vinyl flooring with this colorful checkerboard floor.

This little Shasta is a great example of what Retro Restoration can do for the folks on a budget.  By doing the quick makeover on a less popular model of vintage camper (therefor less expensive to buy) you can still have a great fully functional vintage camper that is structurally sound without spending the $$$ on the older can ham style trailers.