Sylvia found this little diamond in the rough on Craig’s List, great find!  Very complete, nice size at 15’.  It had been well used in it’s life, the interior walls were pretty scarred up and it did have water damage under the windows.  Bonus!  The vintage laminate counter and table top were both in excellent shape.

While a lot of the interior paneling was solid, due to all the scratches and other scars we decided building a whole new cabin was the way to go, so we tore it all the way down to the flatbed.  New walls were built, the cabinets refinished and we laid down a new turquoise & white checkerboard floor.  While it’s all apart is the best time to lay the floor, that way it’s continuous all the way under the cabinets.  For fun Sylvia designed the color scheme on this one... She did the seats in a turquoise vinyl with blue Zodiac accents matching the curved dip on the outside.  They looked great.  We restored the stove & ice box, the ice box had extra insulation added before it was reinstalled.  All new wiring, plumbing, etc, etc.

We really enjoyed this project and were very happy with the end results.   It’s ready now for another 50+ years of camping fun!

A little trivia... Aljoa and Aljo campers are the same make, built back then by Moderistic Industries.  Originally called Aljoa, Modernistic was sued by Alcoa Aluminum claiming the name was too close.  Alcoa won, so in mid 1956 they simply dropped the last a from Aljoa and called them Aljo’s.  Either way, they are great little trailers, well worth restoring.