I love DeVille trailers and when I got a chance to pick this one up I grabbed it!  All complete and the rare twin bed version, still with the original beds... notice they are lounges, the head tips up on a ratchet mechanism.  The poor trailer had been vandalized, in the outside photo I had already sanded off all the obscenities (my shop is next to a day care!).  I did feel a little self conscious towing it home the way it looked.   

The new buyer had exactly what she wanted in mind so we did a full frame up restore to her design.  Once all new decking was put down on the frame we did a pink and white striped floor, built the new cabin and then built new cabinetry in places, saving or duplicating all the cool curved wood cabinets.  Notice the new galley is mocked up with a new compact fridge and microwave.  Going all electric we eliminated the propane stove.  She found a roll of NOS Formica in a gloss pink boomerang, a real score.

The new owner liked porthole windows so we added one to the new door.  We used the original  DeVille paint scheme but the buyer picked out three 1950’s classic car colors from our vast library of paint colors.  Besides standard colors we can match any car color back through the 30’s.   Details like all new moldings, drip caps, tail and marker lights resulted in a trailer that looks brand new (which actually at this point it is).

The interior was decorated by the owner to match the exterior colors... turquoise, yellow and pink.  She found some cool retro pieces we incorporated into the camper such as all the vintage light fixtures and the vintage cabinet hardware.  To cover the area where the gas lamp once resided I custom built a retro clock with inlaid boomerang laminates and built a magazine rack to match the starburst theme used throughout  Notice the compact refrigerator mocked up in the construction photos, now it looks like a vintage 50’s fridge, but it is a brand new Frigidaire.  The microwave is hidden behind the door just to the left of the fridge.  The sliding doors above the galley are reversible.  One side has the pink boomerang Formica, the other side used the original DeVille laminate which happens to have pink and turquoise starbursts.  

She named her trailer Veronica so we added a chrome script to the back.