How’s this for cute?  It’s only 12’ long.  Somebody had tried to polish it (it was a painted trailer from the factory) and then had a little accident crunching the left front corner.  Cheap marker lights we used for tail lights, one for tail, the other for turn signal.  We did replace them with correct era tail lamps.

Ever wonder what could be lurking under the skin?  We found a strange patch panel on the side, under it we found a bullet hole.  Once we took off the skin look what we found... The bullet went right through a 110V wire leaving bare ends up against the aluminum and foil backed insulation.  Yikes!




Sometimes I’m amazed at the shoddy craftsmanship from the factory.  That cross member is a good inch and a half short of reaching the wall.  We rebuilt the entire body the way it should have been built in 1956.  Notice we used a lot of the old framing.  We like to if it’s not compromised in any way.  Old growth wood is much more dense than anything we can buy today, even though we use quality cabinet grade lumber.

Similar to the hot rod themed Corvette it’s black with polished skin and red trim.  The design matches the original Fireball design.  New owner picked out the interior colors including the black and silver Zodiac vinyl.  She did not want any propane so we eliminated the stove top.  We also added a port hole window to the door per her request.


Table for two?  Notice the unusual floor plan.  It has a dinette only big enough for two, next to a small galley right inside the door.  This leaves room for a full size bed in the back and a decent closet.  Really neat design for such a small trailer .