Another disaster story from another shop.  I had quoted on this one, but the owner had decided to take it to another restoration shop that was closer and offered a much better price.  I was OK with that, even though I wondered how he was going to restore it at the price he quoted.  As it turns out, cheaper is not always better!

Here's the bad news... after paying up front for the restoration, all the guy did was tear it apart,  jackknifed the trailer bending the tongue, and quit.  We assumed when he started busting out the rotted floor he realized he was in over his head.  It sat for months in this condition before they went and got it back, and no, he would not or could not give them their money back.  I just hate hearing stories like this... Know your restorer, see some of their work beforehand and ask for references!

We did end up in the long run doing the restoration.  Unfortunately for the owner, not only did she lose her money from the first guy, I had to up my quote to fix what he damaged, broke or lost.

Scotties can be quite a challenge to restore due to the way they are constructed.  The sides are not framed but rather just 1/2" plywood sheets.  Fortunately the sides on this one was in pretty good condition so we only replaced the damaged areas.  We had to rebuild the entire rear floor area that was rotted out by a leaky water tank.

After the wood was repaired we installed a new linoleum floor and a mint green and pink boomerang laminate counter and table top.  Scotties of this era all have a blue "Zolotone" interior paint, a kind of splatter finish.  While we can duplicate it, this owner wanted to go with a combo of off white with mint green cabinets.  We rewired the trailer, adding a 12v electrical system, and replumbed it with a new water tank with demand pump.  We added AC and replaced the icebox with a new 3 way RV fridge.

With the new skin installed, all new moldings and the windows restored it looks like a brand new Scotty now.  All the exterior lighting is all new as well.  We straightened the tongue and replaced the damaged hitch, added new wheels and tires and it is ready to roll.