1958 Shasta


Once again we started out with a very nice and complete Shasta for it’s age.  Most of the skin was excellent, but it did have the typical Shasta wood rot... Under the rear window, and the front side windows.  

Once we pulled the skin we discovered moldy insulation everywhere the water had leaked in.  Most of the wood structure was sound, so we just replaced the damaged areas with new ash paneling and refinished it to match the original finish.

Not usually a good option but due to the excellent condition and the desire to retain the 6” scores we reused most of the skin, repacing the front panel with new aluminum.  It was all stripped in prep for new paint, matching the original Shasta yellow & white.

With the interior wood refinished and new upholstery it looks like new inside again... And smells better without all that mold!

We rewired the entire trailer with a 12V converter system much like modern RVs, added a new fresh water system and one of Retro’s hide-a-way porta potties.  Notice we saved the original floor... It was in exceptional condition for its age.

Sporting a new custom built awning it is now ready for years of comfortable camping... Retro Style!