1956 Shasta 1400

How’s this for a wreck ready for a trip to the dump?  It’s in bad shape but it has what we look for... The windows were all there, the stove, icebox and bench seat frames.  Despite all the water damage to the body, the cabinets were in pretty good shape.  The owner even threw in the cheap big box store paneling and 2X4s he bought to “fix it up”.  Fortunately he gave up before he started gutting it.

We found this interesting bit of it’s history.  Sometime in its life it must have been wrecked, the left side had a big patch panel.  When we removed it we found the  still shiny original colors.  It must have happened early in it’s life, the wall was repaired with an old Norge refrigerator crate and the wheel well was an old hand painted for sale sign .

Below, the new cabin is almost back together and we laid a new checkerboard floor with the period correct 9” tiles.

Hard to believe that just a few weeks later this is the same trailer, now in better than new condition.

Below, sporting its new awning we took it to the big Newport Dunes Rally in California to display and advertise it for sale (it sold!).  It caught the eye of a freelance newspaper reporter that was writing an article on the vintage camper movement... He featured it and that article was published in papers nationwide.