1956 Shasta 1400

One of our favorite trailers to restore are the 1955-57 Shasta 1400 or 1500’s.  This one is the 1400 (14’ version).  Too rough to be usable, it was a great candidate for one of our restorations.  It was 95% complete, missing only the original icebox and the knobs on the stove.  No big deal, we had a spare correct icebox and stove knobs are available reproduction.

Looks so much better now.  All the wood was restored, we covered the counter top, tabletop and slider doors with a high gloss white with red & black boomerang laminate.  We took the seat frames down to the springs and had our upholstery shop rebuild them with all new padding and heavy duty vinyl in red, white and black piping.  In the back we added one of our custom made innerspring mattresses.  We had custom curtains sewn up double sided (so it looks good inside or out) in a cute vintage cherry pattern fabric.


Start to finish... Just under four weeks.

One of our specialties at Retro Restoration is our custom flooring.  One night while watching the movie “Bridges of Madison County” I noticed the cool  weave pattern floor in the farm house kitchen.  I took notes, thinking I can duplicate that pattern... and here it is.  We call this our Madison County floor and is available in any combination of three colors.

Notice the new skin has the correct 6” pattern, available at a slight extra cost.  Of course it received a new door and one of our reproduction screen doors.  I’ll never get tired of wide whites and baby moon hubcaps...