1962 Shasta Compact

Not exactly sure why but I didn’t take any before or construction photos of this one... Possibly because it wasn’t a full frame up restoration.  Interior was pretty nice but the outside had some pretty big dents.  We re-skinned it with the correct 6” Shasta pattern on the aluminum, added the new wide white wall tires.  While it was apart we were able to inspect the structure, re-insulate it and update the wiring.

At only 11’ long the Compact was the smallest trailer offered by Shasta.  As you step in the door the galley is to your right across the front of the trailer.  It has a stove/oven, icebox and a single sink.  The rear of the trailer has two long benches with the table all the way to the rear.  At night, lower the table, slide out the benches and you have a king size bed.  Just to the left of the galley is a closet/restroom, big enough to house a porta-potty.  On this one we refinished all the wood with our exclusive Shasta blonde finish to match the original, laid down a new checkerboard floor, refurbished the appliances and had the benches reupholstered in a durable Sunbrella fabric.

While it has all you need in such a small package the Compact is somewhat of a love it or hate it design,  Small enough to tow behind almost any car (about a 1000 lbs) is a big advantage but many don’t care for having either a bed or a table but not both at the same time.