1958 Shasta Airflyte

Another example of the ever popular Shasta Airfllytes.  This 1958 model was one of the examples where the previous owner attempted to repair the damaged wood from the inside.  It looked OK but upon inspection we discovered that it had lost it’s structural integrity, a common issue when repairs are done the wrong way.  Otherwise, this was a very complete and for the most part a very solid little camper, missing only the original table and the front bench seats.  The exterior skin had many major dents and rips, so of course it has to go.

Once the skin was off we were able to take the previously repaired areas off and rebuild those sections of the body correctly.  While a majority of the cabin was good, we did replace a large portion of the rear, another common problem areas on Shastas.  Once all the wood work was done the interior was refinished in our exclusive Shasta blonde wood finish.  On the exterior we re-skinned it in colonial white aluminum and painted the bottom portion a 1956 Ford T-Bird Sage Green.

Below we find the final product.  We added a custom made awning to match the green & cream color and a pair of our reproduction wings.  To add some “pop” to the interior we used Formica brand coral boomerang laminate which looked great with the new seats.  Notice that the seats are not just foam cushions, we built hinged seat frames just like the original.  We refinished the appliances in white and added one of our custom made backsplashes in a diner style sunburst pattern.  The final touch was the custom made curtains in a vintage floral pattern incorporating the greens and coral colors.