1959 Shasta


Although it was not particulary pretty and missing it’s wings this little Shasta was still fully functional, the previous owners were still using it for camping.  That is, until one day while they were gone for a hike a bear smelled food left behind in the sink.  He did his best to get to it, ripping the side right open. We suspect he quit when he bit through the propane line to the stove,.

We repaired the damage done by the bear including rebuilding the steel wheel well, the side of it was ripped off.  We repaired any damaged wood, refinished the blond interior, insulated, re-wired and reskinned the trailer, all of our usual restoration steps.  The new owner had us do it all up in pastel colors

Road Trip!  While not a common occurance we have on occasion delivered our trailers if the time is right for us to take a little vacation.

 Here we are taking this now like new little Shasta to it’s happy new owners in Oregon.