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January, 2017

The owners of the 56 Dalton own his and her trailers... this 62 Shasta Astrodome is his.  OK with a little "patina" inside, we're going to give this trailer just a bit more than an exterior facelift.

Once we got it apart we discovered a pretty solid trailer.  Typical Shasta damage under the front windows and under the rear window.  The front had been previously repaired incorrectly with paneling that didn't match.  Here Scott is rebuilding the wheel well lips, another rotted area.

All the remaining interior was sanded and refinished.  The new panels (including a new closet side) were then installed.  Here Erin is building up layers of a custom mixed shellac until the new panels match the color of the original. Also notice new underlayment has been installed in prep for a new floor.

Here the new flooring is installed.  We always cut down 12" tiles to the more proportionate 9".  It is always so much easier to lay a new floor with access, so we laid the new diamond pattern before we closed in the front and rear of the trailer.