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June, 2017

This is an interesting project.  Our client wanted a food concession trailer built out of a camper he recently purchased.  It's a 1973 Sprite Alpine, a British import (Sprites are very popular in Europe).  It had suffered a poor attempt at restoration at one time, which didn't matter to us as we are completely custom building it into the food cart.  We quickly had it torn down to the bare frame.  The construction of the Sprite is quite a bit different than the American built trailers we are use to.

After some damaged frame repairs we built the new floor decking incorporating a new waste water tank under.  New walls were built.  We relocated the walk in door to the left side, big service window on the right, and we raised the roof 3" to give more interior head room while still maintaining the original shape of the Sprite.  We worked with the client to design the custom built cabinets to include two large coolers and a hand wash station.

Once the body was done we wired it with plenty of outlets and custom LED lighting.  We installed the new skin once the wiring and insulation was done.  Now we are at a fun part, trimming the trailer with a rustic barn look wood.  We are taking beetle kill pine and distressing it to make it look old.