The daughter of the original owners of this 1966 Streamline inherited it after her parents passed away.  Her and her husband did not want to keep the trailer but she had fond memories of it growing up.  They decided to donate it to the Starlite Campground if we promised to restore it and use it as one of our lodging units.  Of course we said yes!

Overall it was in very good shape, everything worked except the plumbing.  Interestingly, it was factory built as a park model... no holding tanks, household style toilet, fridge, water heater, etc.  Perfect for our use!  The outside was nice and straight, just the clear coat had failed and it was dull.  Inside though, while in pretty good shape was just blah... everything was tan!  Walls, floor, appliances, countertops.  I love projects like this, a chance to do a little creative work with color!

We stripped the clear coat and began polishing the exterior.  This is a big, dirty job, a three step process of multiple grades of polish and three different style of buffers.  Scott did a great job, pretty soon it was looking like new.  We restored the original split rim wheels and added new baby moon hubcaps.  Split rims are OK in this case as we will be parking it permanently.

Inside I wanted to add some color to brighten it up.  The walls were painted a combo of lavender and mint green, the bathroom painted purple.  We left the cabinet doors the original blond wood finish.  We also left the molded plastic gold glitter countertops as they were in excellent shape.  Streamline trailers are unique as the cabinetry is all aluminum and painted to match the walls, so they were painted to match the new colors.  For flooring I laid down a cherrywood laminate floor in the living areas, black & white checkerboard tile floor in the bathroom.  We redid all the plumbing in PEX and added a new low flow toilet.  We added a new black Naugahyde click back sofa sleeper with custom built end tables.

For fun as a rental unit we decorated it throughout in a glamour Hollywood theme.  Vintage photographs of celebrities, a spotlighted Hollywood sign and even a couple of Oscars...

"Sophie" as it is now known is all set up in the park with a patio cover, firepit/grill and picnic table.  You can stay in Sophie by going to and making a reservation!

This was an especially fun project for me as it is not often I get a blank pallet to create a unique trailer.  Kept a secret from Sylvia and the rest of the staff at the campground it made it's debut during the 2016 Colorado Classic Campout.